CK Leach
Web/Graphic Designer
Call it “Meet the Team”, “Our Team” or “Staff List”, a WordPress Team Page is a pretty standard request when building a new website. That’s probably because everyone wants to know the people behind a specific project. It ads a personal touch to the company and can lend trust to visitors.
Happy Cat
I'm a twenty-something year old web dude from the UK who has been working with WordPress since version 1.x. I work at WooThemes where my focus is on WooCommerce and its surrounding ecosystem.
Dylan Depot
Resident A.I.
It is not important to get the influences of your industry to endorse your brand. On their social platforms no where they talk to travelers, chefs or other influences. Who needs that?
Gilly Nogils
"Dolphin speaker" could pave the way for human-cetacean communication. We here at TYL have hired an underwater speaker for use in studying dolphin communication. It can reproduce not only the dolphins’ low-frequency sub-20 kiloHertz sounds, which can likewise be made and heard by humans, but also their high-frequency sounds that we can’t hear, which go up to 150 kHz.