Do you have a coin in your pocket?

Coin is an all-in-one card that stores other cards inside it, letting you switch between your corporate card and your visa to pay for things. Shed all those wallet bloating loyalty cards. Now one card does it all.

Starting out as a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Coin has made it’s way through production and is now almost ready for the public. In November of 2013, the company topped its $50,000 campaign goal in forty minutes. But due to production complications they missed their summer 2014 shipping dates and the company has yet to ship a product that wasn’t in beta. After a six-month beta program, Coin is finally ready to ship a finished product to the 350,000 people who have pre-ordered in the first two months.

Card Front 3The card is also connected to your smartphone, ensuring that you don’t leave it behind or lose it. And perhaps more importantly, Coin is able to detect fraudulent activity the moment it occurs, as opposed to when the stolen information is used, oftentimes weeks or even months later.

After revisiting Coin’s website I’ve been able to decipher that Coin can be used overseas but all cards on Coin have to be US bank or US store cards. If you are Canadian, for instance, you cannot load your debit or credit card unless you deal with an American based bank. Department store cards and gift cards might be different due to a lot of franchises here in Canada have a US HQ. Not sure how that works out in the grande scheme of thing. Touted as the physical version of the Google Wallet, Coin provides a fabulous iteration to the all-in-one payment service. At some point everything will be transferred to you phone, but until then Coin gives us a taste of what a no card wallet could be like.

Cell phone case, card slot in back with your Coin, and freedom from the ass-numbing, pocket bulging, worn out strips and cracked cards of the past. Coin is here. Pre-order yours today.