Ordered my new spectacles today


I’ve decided to finally get new glasses, after a 4 year stint with the current ones. I was surprised to find out that after almost 4 years, my vision is exactly the same. The optometrist had to double check, and she smirked, “… they are pretty close. Hold on. (pause while she checked the lenses again). Nope. Your prescription is exactly the same. That’s good news.”

We spoke about laser eye surgery, and with my vision not being as terrible as others, it may help me later down the road. I’ve contemplated it before but never really looked into pricing and practice and such. I want to have a serious sit down and talk with the wife before anything is started. I think I enjoy the idea of wearing glasses. It has kind of defined me over lifetime, like a tattoo or a visible scar, it’s part of the persona.

I’ve worn chique-geek glasses before it was a fad. I’ve rocked brands from Hakim in-house to Georgio Armani. I’ve gone round, rectangle, oval, metal, plastic, frameless… the whole lot. It’s time to change it up a bit. I loved plastic frames (no pads) and I figured since they ones available are all black geek frames, I’d go with sporty clear/crystal frames. Yes! Clear frames on a black guy. Funny, I know. I always want to stand out somehow. Thought about red, but retracted that thought after I saw red frames on a black dude. Good for fashion catalogues, not for everyday use.

I’m happy to say with these new glasses comes a little newer me. I’ve been slow coming into a new age of me. With a little exercise, a new trim and summer gear, more creative output, and my son to fuel my purpose, I’m now able to portray a refreshed physical and mental look. Maybe it’s me getting into Daddy Mode, maybe it’s just time to dig in and start planting seeds for my future. Or just maybe I’m reading too much into it.

It’s nice every once in a while to get new things. Glasses are a good start.