Table top sweat shop

It’s less than 2 days until the start of FanExpo 2014, In Toronto, and I’m sitting at my kitchen table @2126h cranking out tests still. Yes! You read correct. Working out tests. For the most part I’ve got my buttons, magnets and upcycle coasters ready. Just need to bag and pack them. This table represents my life at the current moment.


Right now I’m blogging on a site that has been sitting dormant with posts from back in late 2012. I figured now is as good as any time to reserect this badboy. Along with all our own social sites and tools, TYL members will be posting here. It’s the group’s general blog. I suspect it will become a useful to the team after the convention. We’re all going to be working right until the 11th hour so there is no time for chit chat on the web. Well… obviously I have a little time.

On to what I’m actually doing. Things I have ready for the con at the moment are;

– Monopoly money
– Monopoly Pennybags
– LIFE money
– Game Geek
– Chess (Knight theme) various
– Carcassonne tiles
– PostPlay Novelties

– Monopoly money
– LIFE money
– Clue suspect sheets
– Carcassonne tiles
– Authentic Scrabble letters

– Authentic Scrabble (various)
– Authentic Clue
– Authentic Life
– Authentic Monopoly
– Uncle Pennybags (Gold)
– Uncle Pennybags – Drinks On Me
– Play Calm and Drink On
– D20 (Silver)
– Monopoly Board Walk Deed
– Monopoly properties

After a couple of tests with the new acrylic keychain idea, it failed horribly. I will need to rework my approach. That will not make the show this year. Oh well. It’s almost 2300h and I need to get some good rest. Starting early tomorrow and want to get off on the right foot.