Extrude my desires!


3D printing + portability + pen / cost = Extra Cool New (Old) Medium. Drawing in 3D is the next big wave and the 3Doodler device has got you covered in ways making your 3D possibilities portable. It such a great twist on the “glue gun” that I had to back the project on Kickstarter. Yes, you can do all this with a glue gun for $5 and coloured glue sticks from Michael’s, but try and remember this is not glue and I’m not 8years old with parental supervision. This is drawing in the air with fast hardening plastic. Peep the vid below.

I lost my shit when I heard about 3D printing for the first time. First thing to run through my mind — create my own line of vinyl collectibles designer toys… no, wait! I want to create my own line of pose-able figurines… no wait! I can design… — you get the idea. I then lost a little more when I heard that you can buy DIY kits online for a 3rd the cost of industry standards printers from big name brands. YES!! but wait.  I still need $1500  🙁

With this new 3Doodle,  you can now empty that creative colostomy bag onto your desk or sketch book. DRAW IN 3D! Wireframing a dinosaur (osterich) has never been so easy.

(source: http://www.geekologie.com/2013/02/plastic-extruding-pen-3-d-prints-whateve.php)