What is TYL United?

TYL is a creative collective that finds joy in the art of design. Designing in the traditional sense, as well as designing attitudes, skill sets and our futures.

What does TYL stand for?

TYL is an acronym for Trust Your Lines. A simple yet definitive principle of how we live our lives. Whether it’s with lines and colours, or speech and actions, trusting one’s instincts is a big part of how we as a collective have chosen to live our lives. Through art, through expression, through honesty. Our art is an extension of our hearts and our minds.

As a team of talented and passionate artists, writers, composers and crafters, we found it almost necessary to pool all our efforts into one centralized hub. This hub, based on a simple principle coined by co-founder CK Leach, is to be the conduit between our minds and our audience.

Welcome to TYL United and we hope you welcome our vast artist expression and hope that somewhere in this ocean of wonderment you find inspiration and clarity.